代码签名证书(Codesigning Certificate)针对程序代码和内容建立了一种数字化的验证及保护,可在软件被用户下载和安装运行代码程序时,由系统显示开发者的信息,大幅提高安全性和可信性。简单来说,代码签名证书的功能为:验证内容的来源及完整性,而终端使用者也会意识到该代码程序及内容自发布后皆未遭到非法窜改,进而对开发商及组织机构产生高度信赖感,保护了软件开发商的利益,使得软件开发商能安全地快速地通过互联网发布软件或应用程序。

代码签名通过对软件和应用进行数字签名,能够有效防止软件包被第三方篡改。 通常情况下,代码签名证书能够同时为多种平台软件提供数字签名,包括微软代码签名、Android代码签名、Office和VBA 代码签名、Java代码签名等。 EV代码签名还能够支持Microsoft SmartScreen和驱动程序等。 没有进行代码签名的软件在安装时,操作系统会弹出软件不安全的提示从而导致低的产品可信度。

代码签名 (Code Signing) 证书用于对代码 / 程序签名,使您发布的程序受操作系统或应用平台的信任从而在用户执行时不会抛出警告。同时,代码签名证书可以保证文件的完整性,从而防止被恶意篡改。代码签名包含Extended Validation (EV) 证书适配Windows 10的Smart Screen筛选器。

AATL certificates for trusted PDF signing and Adobe Reader

Certificates for trusted PDF signature (AATL) are used to sign documents in Adobe Reader. A trusted PDF signature requires a special type of certificate. A signature made with an AATL certificate is fully trusted in Adobe Acrobat.

What is it?

The Adobe Approved Trust List is a program that allows millions of users around the world to create digital signatures that are trusted whenever the signed document is opened in Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader® software. Essentially, both Acrobat and Reader have been programmed to reach out to a web page to periodically download a list of trusted "root" digital certificates. Any digital signature created with a credential that can trace a relationship ("chain") back to the high-assurance, trustworthy certificates on this list is trusted by Acrobat and Reader (source:

Using AATL certificates for PDF

A document’s electronic signature proves its origin and integrity from the moment it has been signed.

Using AATL certificates are directly required by Adobe for trusted PDF document signing (Adobe has special issuing requirements, see below). If you use a different signature, it will not be trusted in this program and the reader will receive an error. You can sign documents directly in Adobe Reader (no special software us required) by using an AATL electronic signature certificate (which must be stored on HW token).

Getting the AATL certificate

Adobe has special requirements on electronic signature certificates. They must be stored on a secure device, so they are issued exclusively on a token or smart card. To obtain a certificate, you must complete the form, send it to the CA and sign it with the CA representative (eg during a video call). An alternative is a document certified by a notary, which is sent by the certification authority to the certificate’s applicant.

What does a document signature look like in practice?

The screenshot below shows an example of signing an office document.

You can immediately send the newly signed document to the recipient who will know who it was from and that document has not been changed since it was signed.


  • Sectigo 企业级代码签名
  • 我们的价格 1800 元
  • CA 价格 2500 元
  • 验证类型 ov
  • 颁发时间 1-3天
  • 年限 1-3 年
  • Sectigo EV 增强级代码签名
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  • 验证类型 ov
  • 颁发时间 1-3天
  • 年限 1-3 年
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  • 颁发时间 1-4天
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  • GlobalSign EV 增强级代码签名
  • 我们的价格 5880 元
  • CA 价格 5880 元
  • 验证类型 ev
  • 颁发时间 1-4天
  • 年限 1-3 年
  • Microsoft® Authenticode®

    The certificate is intended for signing .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files. It is required for Microsoft Windows Logo certification.
  • Java

    Certificate designed for Java applications for desktop and mobile devices. Signs .jar files and is compatible with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Microsoft® Office and VBA

    The certificate is intended for signing VBA objects and macros. Suitable for Microsoft Office and third-party VBA applications.
  • Adobe® AIR®

    Digitally signs .air or .airi files. Necessary for all AIR-based applications.
  • Android

    The certificate for signing .apk files for Android.
  • Microsoft Windows Phone

    Digitally signs the code for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. Signing is required to publish the application to the Microsoft App Hub.
  • Qualcomm BREW

    Digitally signs the code for BREW platform.
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