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DigiCert的EV代码签名证书遵守CA /浏览器论坛和Microsoft规范的严格验证标准。通过包含私钥的加密令牌提供增强认证。给软件代码签名后,消除系统“未知发布者”的安全警告。使用时间戳,签名永久有效。支持SHA2/SHA256加密算法+支持Microsoft SmartScreen + 支持 Windows10 内核驱动签名。另外,要做WHQL徽标认证的软件一定要用EV代码签名证书。
extended validation
Additional domains


Issue time


Browser Recognition
  • Our price $5100
  • Validity 1-3Year
  • Secures Windows 桌面和手机系统
  • Browser Recognition 所有主流浏览器
  • Public key algorithm RSA
  • Symmetric encryption 256 位
  • Public key length 2048 位
  • Root CA DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA
  • Money-back guarantee 30 天
  • Certificate reissue 免费且无限制
  • Multi-domain support (SAN) YES
  • Private key on token YES

DigiCert EV 增强级代码签名 price list


1-year Price

  • CA sells it for: $5888
  • Huge savings over market price

2-year Price

  • CA sells it for: $11776
  • Huge savings over market price
  • Lower price per year than 1-year

3-year Price

  • CA sells it for: $17664
  • Huge savings over market price
  • Lower price per year over 2-year

You can use code signing certificates on these platforms

Choose the DigiCert Code Signing EV certificate for your application and platform.

  • Microsoft® Authenticode®

    The certificate is intended for signing .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files. It is required for Microsoft Windows Logo certification.
  • Java

    Certificate designed for Java applications for desktop and mobile devices. Signs .jar files and is compatible with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Microsoft® Office and VBA

    The certificate is intended for signing VBA objects and macros. Suitable for Microsoft Office and third-party VBA applications.
  • Adobe® AIR®

    Digitally signs .air or .airi files. Necessary for all AIR-based applications.
  • Android

    The certificate for signing .apk files for Android.
  • Microsoft Windows Phone

    Digitally signs the code for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. Signing is required to publish the application to the Microsoft App Hub.
  • Qualcomm BREW

    Digitally signs the code for BREW platform.
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